EDUplus: International School Fair

30th March 2019
Our principal and cofounder, Mr. Emerson Blais, is honorably invited to be one of the five guest speakers for the International School Fair hosted by EDUplus, sharing “The Best Curriculum for University Admissions”.

Seminar Series – IBDP VS GCE AL

12th January 2019
Mr. Emerson Blais, Principal and Chief Education Consultant of Causeway Education, shared with our students and parents about the “Must-knows” of GCE AL and IBDP!

Hong Kong International Schools Festival 2018

15th September 2018
Causeway Education was one of THE ONLY Tuition & Consultation Centers invited by the South China Morning Post to participate in this year's Hong Kong International Schools Festival! We were fortunate to share key learning tips and industry trends throughout the day, understanding individual goals for tuition and consultation.

Seminar Series – Applying to US/UK Universities

18th August 2018
Causeway Education held a very special seminar: "Applying to US & UK Universities: A Guide to Successful Admissions" to fulfil the request on the Common Application & UCAS admissions processes. Our Principal Emerson Blais provided essential guidance on several key points, including Meeting Requirements, Selecting Schools, Writing Personal Statements & Essays, Meeting Deadlines, and Accepting Offers.

Seminar Series – US Test Preparation

30th June 2018
Parents and students representing international schools across Hong Kong joined us at our Causeway Bay campus for our inaugural US Test Preparation Seminar, called "The SAT vs ACT: Making Your Choice." In addition to providing Essential Tips and Strategies to ace these two important tests, our Principal Emerson Blais shared all of the key differences between them, including Formats, Scores to Beat, and Key Dates & Deadlines.

Stress Relief Seminar

21st September 2017
The start of Fall Term marks the beginning of another stressful academic year. In an effort to ensure all our students’ well-being and academic success, we invited esteemed psychiatrist Dr. Kwok Wai Ming to share his views on stress relief.

Causeway Education Grand Opening

8th June 2017
Causeway Education held its Grand Opening Ceremony and Cocktail Reception on 8 June 2017 at the Island Shangri-La Hotel. Over 100 distinguished guests from the business and education sector attended to celebrate the occasion. This event marked a milestone for Causeway Education in its aim to tap into the private tutoring and academic consulting market in Hong Kong.

Causeway Education Opening Ceremony

27th April 2017
Causeway Education officially celebrated its Grand Opening with family, friends, students, parents, and teachers, at a ceremony full of food and fun in its brand-new Causeway Bay center.