Let’s hear what our students say about our tutoring & consulting:
Lessons at Causeway have allowed me to quickly progress at grasping key SAT skills. The teachers are very well-prepared, and the lessons are always very clear and helpful, as well!

-I.C. (Eastbourne College Y12 - SAT English and Mathematics)
Miss Heather guides me to analyze diverse aspects of poetry. Her 'special formulas' are really useful strategies for organizing essays, especially when there are exam time limits. Thanks to her I/GCSE Course, I can share all of my ideas!

-J.C. (Sherborne International UK Y12 - IGCSE English Literature; GCEAL Biology and Chemistry)
Sybil is always very considerate and friendly. She knows how to teach at a moderate pace, and she moves on only after ensuring that I have understood the current topics!

-K.C. (Canadian International School - IBDP SL Chemistry)
I attend Causeway to learn IELTS and improve my overall English. The teaching materials are excellent, and I love my teacher, who is very patient and knows how to motivate me! I get all the details I need for clear success on every section. Thanks!

-B.P. (Concordia International School G12 - IELTS)
Causeway Education consists of experienced teachers who embrace the modern and intellectual content of learning. The delivery of the lessons is excellent. If I were to give a score from 1 to 5, I would give a 6!

-N.C. (West Island School Y11 - IGCSE English, English Literature and History)
The teaching methods are very thorough, and my teachers are always prepared in advance. The lessons are clear and aim to help me get the highest grade possible on my exams. The teachers are also very eager to boost my score!

-J.C. (Cardiff University - GRE English and Mathematics)
My teachers at Causeway are very prepared for the lessons and are ready to teach what you need to learn!

-A.C. (South Island School Y8 - Science, Geography)

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