Seminar Series – US Test Preparation

Seminar Series – US Test Preparation

30th June 2018

Parents and students representing international schools across Hong Kong joined us at our Causeway Bay campus for our inaugural US Test Preparation Seminar, called “The SAT vs ACT: Making Your Choice.” In addition to providing Essential Tips and Strategies to ace these two important tests, our Principal Emerson Blais shared all of the key differences between them, including Formats, Scores to Beat, and Key Dates & Deadlines.


No matter what section presents a challenge, students must ‘Memorize the Memorizable.’ They must become closely familiar with both formal and informal text types, exploring a wide variety of genres using both literal and figurative language. When it comes to grammar, practically everything is rule-based, which means you should know the answers to all those question types before even entering the test center. This is the same case for mathematical equations. Even though you’re provided a calculator, knowing how to work out equations by hand/memory saves crucial test time. Be sure to check whether or not your selected universities require an essay. You won’t need to know the topic to plan ahead with an impressive essay structure showcasing key phrases.


Most importantly, parents and students stayed long after the presentation for our Q&A session. During this time, they were able to ask personal questions regarding their very own admissions processes and test-taking experiences, with bespoke feedback on how to see immediate improvement!


Have questions of your own? Join our next Summer Seminar Series on 18th August 2018. For more information on all of our tuition and consultation services, stay tuned!