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How can we change elearning  from a reduced experience to an enriched experience? One of the biggest challenges in virtual math and science classrooms is figuring out a way to help learners visualize abstract concepts. This is the cue for educational technology to come on stage in providing specific foundations as well as allowing students to have access to a whole learning scenario presented in realistic and motivating ways using images, animations and sound. While dialogue is essential in teaching and learning, many scientific concepts and processes that are difficult to express verbally can be made simple and visible with visuals. Multiple representations can assist students to understand abstract entities that do not otherwise have a concrete character. Here are some awesome online science and math resources, which can help to construct your own understanding by interacting your ideas with experiences.

1. PhET:

Instantly add meaningful lab experiences to math and science classrooms for free! The platform provides a dynamic, interactive, visualised learning experience and it is super user friendly. If you are looking for some hands-on online activities, this is the place to stop!

2. BrainPOP:

Animated educational site for younger learners. It offers free access for schools and families impacted by school closures. 

3. eduMedia:

Innovative and interactive resources for elementary and secondary science learning. Their curriculum-based resources also incorporate quizzes and videos sorted by subject and by grade. Due to the closure of schools, eduMedia makes its educational resources available free of charge to parents, teachers and their students.

Molecular Workbench: A high-level platform which presents many existing simulations that are ready to use; it is also a modeling tool for creating your own simulations and sharing them with others.

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