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The whole admission process to your dream school can be a long and complicated process. Let our star consultants offer professional admission guidance for you to get into the most prestigious schools in the US, UK or even other countries!

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Key Tips for US/UK University Admissions
Tip 1 – Give Yourself Enough Time

They’re called deadlines for a reason. You miss them, and you’re out of luck. While US or UK admissions portals don’t start accepting applications until late August or early September, you should use the time leading up to this period to 1) research and finalize your school list, 2) determine any early acceptance or early decision choices, and 3) get to working on first drafts of your Personal Statements. That way, you’ll have Fall Semester to focus on earning the grades you need to meet requirements!

Tip 2 – Choose Wisely

School selection is potentially one of the most challenging aspects of university applications. You won’t be able to apply to them all. So, it’s important you research your schools in-depth, considering not only academic but also social and developmental aspects that fit you best. Remember, we’re talking about the next 3-4 years of your life. Make them count. Don’t forget to include Safety, Target, and Reach schools!

Tip 3 – Know Your Audience

Applying to university, you’ll need to write a highly detailed Personal Statement. However, different countries have different expectations as to what should be included. In the US, admissions boards expect a high level of descriptive writing, with a sense of imagination and personality. However, in the UK, the UCAS requires applicants to keep their statements strictly academic, exploring past, present, and future experiences within a subject area.